Hey, I'm Brandon Tsao

I perform percussive maintenance on lifeforms silicon, carbon, and everything in between.

The first is done for money as a Site Reliability Engineer at LinkedIn.

The second is done for fun as a mixed martial artist training in Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

The last is just a nod to cyborgs.

A pair of disembodied hands type away at a keyboard, sharing an abstract space witth floating termnals, coffee mugs, and a reflection of the user behind a monitor screen.
In a misty forest, a man in flannel assumes a fighting stance against a pack a tigers. The lead tiger has a katana in its mouth, and smoke wisps from its eyes.
A cyborg with various embedded circuitry sits upon an abstract cradle with an old fashioned glass in hand. Below him, a neon city with Korean signage illuminates the night.

* Illustrations by Deborah Lee. Design heavily inspired by this website.