Brandon Tsao

This site is currently under construction and certain functions will not operate as intended. You can keep track of its progress at its GitHub page.

Welcome to my personal site!

Curious to who I am? Check out my about page. It's actually my first blog post. You can also check the rest of my blog.

Want to chat? Shoot me an email at

Oh, you meant securely? Check out my Keybase profile. There you can find my public key (3C05 6545 70EC 2212) and cryptographic proofs of many of my digital assets. You can also find my public key on my Gist and here as a .asc file.

My primary mail provider isn't fully PGP compatible yet, so I might also use my address to contact you. The public key for that address is also on my keybase (022A 90AB 517D 8A1F), as well as on my Gist and here as a .asc file.

Like to code? Or hire people who do? You might be interested in my GitHub, LinkedIn, or Resume. The resume will download as a PDF.

If you have any question, comments, or unwarranted opinions about the site itself, don't hesitate to contact me. You can also check out the source code on my GitHub.